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this is where elevation meets aspiration. Located at the foot of some spectacular mountains, this is where elevation meets aspiration. Here, you can have an open mind and a fresh perspective. As restrictions lift and the world looks very different, Salt Lake satisfies the need for travel AND safety. The restaurants businesses attractions in and around Salt Lake are opening slowly and cautiously with health protocols in place. Social distancing? It’s a natural here, with our beautiful outdoors only minutes from downtown. Let us help plan your trip when you’re ready to find a place that’s anything but ordinary. At Salt Lake you’ll feel at home.

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Festivals, concerts, sports events, and performing arts are all part of Salt Lake’s event calendar every day of the week.

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Here are Salt Lake’s top Halloween events.

Once again, it’s that time of year when the wind gets brisk, the colors change on the mountains, and the sound of leaves blowing down the street is accompanied by…

Check out these four nightlife spots while you’re in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake has top-notch venues that are equally different from one another, so it’s no surprise we are all in need of live music these days. However…

The Salt Lake City Cemetery unveils the Mark Smith Memorial Arboretum

The historic Salt Lake City Cemetery now has a newly-accredited arboretum named after longtime Sexton Mark Smith, who died in 2019. Mark Smith Memorial Arboretum reflects the City’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the site as both an active cemetery and park.


The Salt Lake Valley had been inhabited by Shoshone, Weber Ute, and Paiute for thousands of years before the arrival of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of the local Shoshone tribes at the time Salt Lake City was founded had names for Red Butte Canyon, the Jordan River, So’ho-gwût, and Pi’o-gwût (all Shoshone names).

In addition to Salt Lake and the valleys to the west, the Goshutes (or, Gosiutes) lived there as well.

In no treaty with the United States was there any cession or relinquishment of aboriginal titles by the Northwestern Shoshone.

Jim Bridger was likely the first European to explore Salt Lake City in 1825, but others had been in Utah earlier, some as far north as nearby Utah Valley (the Dominguez-Escalante expedition of 1776 may have known the Salt Lake Valley existed). Thrifty Army officer John C. Frémont explored the Salt Lake Valley and Great Salt Lake in 1843 and 1845.

In August 1846, a group of ill-fated pioneers named the Donner Party passed through the Great Salt Lake Valley.

Latter-day Saints settled Salt Lake City in July 1847.

They traveled beyond the boundaries of the United States into Mexican territory in search of a secluded area where they could practice their religion in safety away from the violence and persecution they witnessed in the United States. Brigham Young is credited with telling the wagon train, “This is the right place, continue.” Brigham Young is said to have seen the Salt Lake Valley in a vision before the wagon train arrived. There were no human settlements in the broad valley.


Photograph of Salt Lake International Airport, taken from the International Space Station (ISS). On the bottom is north.


Salt Lake City has many different neighborhoods. There is a general socioeconomic divide between the east and west. The eastern neighborhoods of the city, such as Avenues 9th & 9th Yalecrest Federal Heights Sugar House, tend to be more affluent. Due to their proximity to Downtown, the University of Utah, commercial districts, and the Wasatch foothills, these districts are popular with professionals, families, and students. Generally speaking, the western neighborhoods of the city, such as Poplar Grove Rose Park Glendale, are more working class and ethnically diverse and popular with immigrants and young people.

As a result of the railroad being built in the western half, as well as panoramic views from inclined ground in the eastern half, this divide has developed. Housing is more economically diverse on the west side, resulting in a different demographic. Interstate 15 was also built in a north–south direction, further dividing the east and west sides of the city.

Sugar House, a neighborhood in southeast Salt Lake City, is known for its small shops in the center.

The Sugar House area has been undergoing redevelopment efforts as a result of the UTA S-Line Streetcar. Around 900 apartment units were either recently constructed or under construction in the Sugar House area by the end of 2015, with an additional 492 units proposed.

The Avenues, a neighborhood outside of the regular grid system with smaller blocks, is located northwest of Downtown. In the area between 6th Avenue and South Temple Street is a Historical District that is mostly residential and contains many historical Victorian homes. There have been a number of restaurants and shops opening in old retail spaces in the Avenues recently. The Avenues is situated in the foothills of the Wasatch Range on an upward-sloping bench, with older homes at the lower elevation. Avenues, Federal Heights, and Foothills, just east and north of the University of Utah, are gated communities with multimillion-dollar houses and panoramic views of the valley. These areas are considered to be among the most desirable in the valley.

Salt Lake City has a few smaller neighborhoods centered around major intersections, in addition to the larger centers such as Sugar House and Downtown. For example, the neighborhoods at 900 East Street and 900 South Street and 15th & 15th Street (at 1500 East Street and 1500 South Street) are two examples. Art galleries, clothing stores, salons, restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses cater to foot traffic in these areas. As part of the summer of 2007, 9th and 9th saw sidewalk and street improvements as well as a public art installation by Troy Pillow of Seattle, Washington inspired by the 9 Muses of Greek myth, thanks to a monetary grant from Salt Lake City.

Many of the homes in the valley date back before World War II, and only a few areas, such as Federal Heights and the East Bench, as well as parts of Rose Park and Glendale, have seen new construction since the 1970s.

Service Areas

Alpine, Bluffdale, Cottonwood HeightsDraper, Herriman, KearnsMagnaMidvaleMillcreekHolladayMurrayRivertonSandySouth JordanSalt Lake City, South Salt Lake, TaylorsvilleWest JordanWest Valley City

Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

Downtown Salt Lake CitySugar HouseThe Avenues , Liberty Wells ,  Capitol Hill ,  Wasatch Hollow , Yalecrest , Arcadia Heights , Ballpark ,  Bonneville Hills ,  Fairpark , Central City , Arlington Hills , Fraternity Park , Airport East Business Park ,  Yalecroft , West Grand View , Glendale , Yuma View , Wood Hollow Condo , Avondale , WesternOakley Park , Whitehead , West Salt Lake , University , Woodmansee ,  Athens , Wright Circle , Foothill , Albert Place ,  West Boulevard , Fort DouglasRio Grande , West Temple Addition , Woodbury ,  Winfield ,  Highland Park ,  Poplar Grove , Windsor Circle,  Windsor Place ,  West Drive , Willow PlacePark Rose , Yale HeightsWenco Acres , Yalecrest Park ,  Lower Avenues , Whalons Addition , Wilkinsons ,  Westpointe

Salt Lake City Top Sights

Temple Square , Natural History Museum of Utah , Hogle Zoo , Red Butte Garden , Utah State Capitol , Salt Lake Utah Temple , Liberty ParkClark Planetarium , Utah Museum of Fine Arts

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